Cabernet Sauvignon [cab-er-nay so-vin-yon]

Definition: A red grape used in making red Bordeaux and varietal wines throughout the world.

Grown primarily in: Australia, Canada, Chile, France, New Zealand, South Africa and United States

Best Climate: Warm to Hot

Winemaking: Cabernet is generally blended with small parts of merlot, cabernet franc, petite verdot and malbec. It definitely benefits from oak aging (and aging in general).

Nose: Red (cherry, raspberry) and black (blackberry, wild berry) fruits, pepper, spice, chocolate, coffee/tea, oak.

Mouth: Medium to full body, tannic (astringent) and usually complex.

Note: Considered to be "King" and most noble of all grapes. Is one of the red grapes permited to be used in American red Meritage wines.

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