Pinot Noir [pee-no nwa]

Definition: The famous red grape used to make dry red wine and sparkling wines. Also called Noirien, Savagnin Noir and other names in France, Spatburgunder and Blauer Burgunder in Germany, Rotclevner in Switzerland and Pinot Nero in Italy.

Grown primarily in: Australia, Canada, France-Burgundy, Champagne, Germany, New Zealand and United States

Best Climate: Cool

Winemaking: Pinot noir is a very delicate grape, so winemaking has to be gentle. Benefits from oak aging.

Nose: Cherry, berry, pepper, spice, earth, herbal, cinnamon, tea/coffee.

Mouth: Light to medium body, good acids, mild tannins, complex.

Note: Pinot noir means "Pine Cone Black." Considered to be the most demanding grape to grow and vinify. There are reported to be at least 150 clones of pinot noir.

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